What is it?

A key part to Leeds plans for the South Bank regeneration project, Climate Innovation District was once home to iron, steel and chemical works. Straddling the river Aire 516 1-4 bedroom low carbon homes will be manufactured from the neighbouring Citu Works.

Climate Innovation District

South Bank in Leeds is one of the most significant regeneration opportunities in the UK. Climate Innovation District occupies an area to the south east of South Bank, where a community is being developed based on Scandinavian urban densities and a high standard of environmental performance. The district will deliver some of the first family housing in Leeds city centre for over 90 years, including a proposed primary school, offices, leisure and a manufacturing facility.

Citu Works

A manufacturing facility that will produce the timber frame housing system based on Passive House principles. The 80,000 sq. ft. facility has the capacity to produce up to 750 low carbon homes each year as well as providing a new home for developer Citu in the heart of the Climate Innovation District.

Citu Works will combine state of the art manufacturing, innovation and showcase processes that will promote and deliver Citu’s purpose: to accelerate transition to zero carbon cities.

Citu Works will be open to the public and will offer an experiential journey that helps the public understand the impact of climate change and how we can change our cities.

Keep up to date with Climate Innovation District

To register your interest and keep up to date with Climate Innovation District contact our Customer Experience Specialist Rebecca on 0113 320 2355 or Rebecca@citu.co.uk