Kelham Island in 'Best Places to Live' guide

Posted On: 15th April 2016 | Author: Citu

Kelham Island has been named in the Sunday Times’ ‘Best Places to Live in the UK’ guide.
The guide, which was published over two weekends in March, lists the places in the UK which have the best amenities, housing and culture.
In the listing, the pubs, restaurants and shops in Kelham Island were mentioned, as well as the Little Kelham homes.
Kelham Island also appeared in a list of the ’20 Hippest Places in the UK’ in The Times.

Speaking to the Sheffield Star, Aisling Ramshaw, Marketing Director at Citu, said: “It was the history of Kelham Island which first attracted us to the area but there is so much more about it than that. It’s got a really strong, creative and independent feel and a very friendly atmosphere. It’s very much an urban village and I think that it what our buyers love about it.

“When you also consider the fact it has some of the best pubs and restaurants in the city, it’s not surprising it is such a well-loved place. We’ve produced a guide book to the area and in doing so we found some real hidden gems in Kelham Island. What is exciting is that there is still so much more to come from the neighbourhood – it was neglected for decades and now it’s brilliant to be part of its renaissance.

“We’ve had lots of interest from people wanting to move to Kelham Island, from both within Sheffield and further afield and the area’s inclusion on the Sunday Times list is fantastic for the community and Sheffield as a whole.”