Our Mission

Our mission is to tackle climate change through delivering innovative and exemplar developments that create a ripple effect towards accelerating the transition to zero carbon cities.

We may individually be small dots on the global landscape but we have a collective responsibility to tackle climate change. Progressive urbanism is one part of the solution in tackling some of the big climate issues we face, making the planet a better place for everyone to live.

What We Do

It’s critical to build in the right places; those that are connected and that allow residents to walk and cycle to local amenities rather than rely only on cars. We do this by forming beautiful landscaping and public realm spaces whilst providing positive incentives to help adoption of electric mobility and smart transport systems.

Three of the main carbon emitters in the UK are buildings, energy systems and transport. The places we develop address each of these three issues and the consequences have a significant ripple effect in the wider world, from improved air quality, better health and wellbeing, improved housing standards, quality of life, biodiversity, climate adaptation, community cohesion and helping tackle the housing shortage through new models of medium density urban development.


We create sustainable, urban, mixed-use developments and believe everyone should have the choice of living a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising on design or quality of life. That’s what we do in a nutshell. We challenge convention to design better places to live. We embrace diverse public and private partnerships to help us create liveable communities with space to breathe.


We’ve developed “Citu House” a timber framed housing system designed to the highest environmental standards, which we manufacture ourselves from our factory in Leeds. This system vastly reduces the carbon footprint in the construction process and provides us with certainty in quality and energy performance.

Open data and smart technologies allow residents to access, control and monitor their home using smart devices. At district scale, these energy systems balance the communal energy load to maximise efficiencies for the residents.

Changing the world is tough and challenging convention requires courage so our team are genuinely amazing people who are passionate and committed to making a difference.

We’re combining innovative design with low carbon technology to create beautiful, sustainable communities.